Erik Johnson
Let me be your inspiration when you need to be inspired, let me be your hope when you are hopeless, let me be your strength when you are weak, and let me be your motivation when you give up
I have a very unique story however there's not enough space to go in every detail or even to start a story so what I've done below is I've given you three different opportunities to learn a little bit more about me. My struggle is a book I wrote. It was derived from a quote book I wrote when I was 22 on the things I needed to do in order to survive and eventually Escape the crabs in the bucket. My struggle is just volume one of many the entire book is 140 quotes my struggle volume one only has 16. To save a nation start with education, for lack of better words this would be my thesis and how we can change the world and make it a better place. I love to read is more of a passion project it goes along with to save a nation start with education however it is a little different as I love to read. I want to influence the world to start building individual libraries and inspire a new generation to love and appreciate books.

To Save A Nation
My Struggle
I love To Read
To save a nation start with education. This is our ideology, throughout history there are countless examples of how being uneducated has directly affected nations of people. The effects of being uneducated sees no boundaries, as the color of our skin or the religion we believe in does not save us from ignorance. One major example in history is the black plague. The plague killed without discrason, Being uneducated about the cause of the problem only compounded the problem killing a huge percent of the world population. 
To say this is my life's purpose would be cliche unless one has a direct line to GOD then how would we know what our true purpose is. My life has given me the opportunity to live the life of many different people, this rare opportunity has given me an empathic understanding of different cultures, ideologies, intentions, and most importantly mindsets. FYMM is my ideology. As with life, our perspectives change with age, some call it wisdom or common sense. The book has guided me through life, it has served as a reference and teacher when needed. My life has been a series, with many different seasons and an endless amount of episodes. The most advantageous way to introduce my ideology is to answer these questions; Who is Matthew Hardy, who is Erik Johnson, what is the origin of FYMM, and why does it matter?  

Reading has been a part of my life ever since I can remember, weather is helping the other preschoolers learn how to read picture books or going to the Biltmore House and being mesmerised by how many books they have in their personal Library or walking around the Harvard campus exploring our libraries to now building my own Library books have always been a part of my life part of my journey is to share my love for books with you


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